In good company

Just an FYI: obviously, “Departures” wasn’t the only fic to wind up on the chopping block during this latest round of removals by FFnet. If you’re looking for a story that is no longer available on the aforementioned site, and you suspect it may have been pulled, check out the new site,, and more specifically, its list of pulled/relocated stories.

You can find that page here: Removed Stories.

Independent of the pulling issue (which sounds like something fun but totally isn’t), the just-launched site also features teasers and other fun stuff if you’re looking for something new to read. Check it out!



Change of address

Hello, lovely people.

Due to FFnet’s seemingly arbitrary removal of material, I’ve opted to relocate my fanfiction stories here. I won’t be removing stories from FFnet that are still there, but as of today, “Departures” is no longer available due to an apparent violation of the Terms of Service. I’m debating whether to post it on another site, such as Archive of Our Own or FictionPad, but for now, it will live here.

As for my work-in-progress stories, I will be posting all new chapters of “Infinite Visibility” to this blog. I will also be uploading all of the content that has already appeared on FFnet, as well as my DTE contest entry, “Good in the Stacks.” Given the recent political upheaval in the U.S., I am also brainstorming a possible continuation of “The Hot Seat.” (I think if we had more politicians who looked like a certain bronze-haired, green-eyed male lead, the Hill would be a more pleasant place to be, no?)

Thank you, as always, to everyone who has shown so much love for “Departures,” as well as for my other stories. Despite the inevitable downsides, this fandom is still a beautiful place to be, and I still love it here.